Salesian Molester Accused of Disgracing “The Blood of Christ”

San Francisco Salesian Molester “Fr. Steve Whelan ” SDB, as he is seen on the current film documentary ,“California Bountiful – Urban Legend’.

The California Salesians may have set another innovative precedent, for one of their San Francisco highly profiled child abusers. Said by some observers to be a further step into the world of depravation, sex abuser Fr. Steve Whelan, who lost a court jury trial on July 16th, 2006 for molestation and rape, was filmed representing Sts. Peter and Paul church and sacred communion wine in late 2010.  Fr. Whelan appears currently on many TV stations and the internet in the documentary by California Bountiful, called “Urban Legend”. The documentary is about the history of San Antonio Winery, which produces the holy communion wine used by many catholic churches in the USA.

Fr. Whelan is apparently the only chosen clergy spokesperson in the film for the “Sacramental Wine” , which is known as the “Blood of Christ” in the Catholic Mass. In the film, Whelan talks knowledgeably about “the purity” of the altar wine. He also states that the wine can not be “corrupt”. One Salesian child abuse victim called those proclamations by Whelan:  “ironic –  coming from a known child rapist”.

Other Salesian rape and sex abuse victims that were interviewed have called the film “a debauchery”, adding that “the Salesians have disgraced the blood of Christ, and the catholic church”. Many called the appearance of Whelan in the film – allowed by the Salesians and the catholic church – to be “typical of the arrogance and insensitivity of the Salesian Order”. One San Francisco parishioner stated that “the Diocese of San Francisco could have chosen a priest without a history of sex abuse to represent the sacred altar wine”, and added that “the Salesians of Don Bosco may have chosen Whelan vindictively.”

The Bishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, was unavailable for comment, and has not answered complaint letters sent to him.




2 thoughts on “Salesian Molester Accused of Disgracing “The Blood of Christ”

  1. The Catholic chuch doesn’t care about shame and will promote anything for a buck. They don’t care about the victims of their clergy child sex abuse, it is clearly demonstrated through how they process the allegations in order to determine if the charges are “creditable.” Should the authorities within the Catholic church continue on with these practices, we will see the total destruction of the Cathoilc chuch as we know it. It is currentlt being managed by some really eivl individuals.

  2. Why would the RIBOLI family and the San Antonio Winery hook-up with Steve Whelan, a child molesting Catholic priest?

    They are either very very stupid or they don’t care about offending innocent survivor’s of sex abuse by Whelan?


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