Fr. John Malloy -Salesian Molester Shielder – Dies

Fr. John Malloy, longtime San Francisco Salesian mouthpiece, known for his adamant shielding and harboring of accused Salesian pedophiles, has died. Malloy was also known for his selective moral stance of defending clergy molesters, while voicing public bigotry concerning gay equality rights. Fr. Malloy, 91, died on Wednesday March 27, 2013, leaving behind a legacy typical of many Salesian Kingpins – a history of “no see, no hear, no speak” – regarding numerous accused Salesian abuser priests that surrounded him for decades.

Fr. Malloy was also a key organizer in San Francisco for the Defense of Marriage Rally, and was vehemently outspoken against equality in marriage. Concerning the controversial issue, Malloy was quoted in 2008: “To demand marriage as a matter of equality is fallacious”.

At 13 years old, Malloy joined the infamous Salesian High School Seminary in Richmond California. The seminary was known to have housed numerous clergy rapists and pedophiles throughout its span from the 1930s through the 1960s. Malloy was cautiously silent to the press during the massive lawsuits lodged against the Salesians from 2002 through 2009 in California; despite the Salesians schools record for the most clergy sex abusers clustered in an affiliated campus.

In 1952 he was principal of St. John  Bosco in Bellflower, and was later principal of Bishop Mora Salesian High School in Los Angeles, Ca. Both schools have been riddled with lawsuits pertaining to sex abuse and molestation by Salesian clergy named in the Southern California Clergy 2 Cases in 2003. Malloy, however, was quoted as saying he knew nothing about the conduct of the many Salesian pedophiles at the schools.

Malloy later became Salesian Provincial of the West Coast in San Francisco, during the 1960s. According to court depositions, several allegations of rape and abuse at the Salesian School in Richmond during the 1960s were forwarded to the Salesian Provincial in San Francisco. Malloy also said that he was unaware of those alleged reports and accusations, regarding convicted Salesian priest Fr. Bernard Dabbenne, accused rapists Bro. John Vas, Fr. Lorenzoni, Fr. Presenti, Bro Billante, and several other Salesian clergy named in lawsuits.

Fr. Malloy became pastor at St. Peter and Paul parish in San Francisco in 2001. At the time Malloy was pastor at St. Peter and Pauls, the Salesians of San Francisco listed as staff  accused pedophiles Bro. Ernie Martinez, Fr. Harold Danielson, and Fr. Steve Whelan. Fr. Malloy defended the accused molesters, stating as was usual, that he knew nothing concerning any misconduct by any of the named priests.

In 2003, Fr. Malloys close friend, and Associate Pastor of St. Peter and Pauls, Fr. Steve Whelan, was sued in court for sexual molestation. Fr. Malloy stated that he knew nothing about the allegations against the priest who had lived with him for years, and that the priest was innocent. Malloy kept Fr. Whelan in ministry with access to children until a court found the priest liable in a jury trial in 2006, and again in 2008.

During Fr. Malloys tenure in the Salesian Order in California from the 1960s to the present, the California Salesians have been inundated with lawsuits, convictions, and allegations for child rape, sodomy, molestation, sex abuse shielding, coverups and denial. The Salesian Order paid out 20 million dollars for lawsuits in California in 2008 which named many of Fr. Malloys closest and oldest clergy comrades and roommates.

Malloy was constantly surrounded by countless accused Salesian serial rapists and sex abusers for over 60 years. He has always faithfully maintained he was unaware of any misconduct by any of them, regardless of his history of living with them for decades.

Some of Fr. Malloys local fellow Salesians who were accused of serial pedophilia, sex abuse, rape, and molestation – either in lawsuits or convictions were: Fr. Bernard Dabbenne, Fr. Larry Lorenzoni, Fr. Steve Whelan, Bro Ernie Martinez, Bro. Sal Billante, Fr. Richard Presenti, Bro. John Vas, Bro. Anthony Juarez, Bro. Ralph Murguia, Fr. Mario Blanco, Fr. Jim Miani, Mr. Sam Vitone, Bro. Jesse Dominguez, Bro Mark Epperson, Mr. Ricky Bonds, Fr. Harold Danielson, Fr. Al Mengon, Bro. John Verhart, and Bro. Dan Pacheco.

Eerily, on April 1 2013, Fr. Malloy will be buried at the Salesian Cemetery in Richmond, at the school campus, where numerous accused Salesian serial pedophiles have been laid to final rest.







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  1. Many of the defenders of Catholic child rapists are dying off. I will not miss Fr. Malloy because of his lies defending child rapist priests.

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