Fr. John Malloy -Salesian Molester Shielder – Dies

Fr. John Malloy, longtime San Francisco Salesian mouthpiece, known for his adamant shielding and harboring of accused Salesian pedophiles, has died. Malloy was also known for his selective moral stance of defending clergy molesters, while voicing public bigotry concerning gay equality rights. Fr. Malloy, 91, died on Wednesday March 27, … Continue reading

Salesians Ties To San Antonio Winery – Disgracing Sacred Wine

  photo- san antonio winery site The Salesians of California have had ties to San Antonio Winery of Los Angeles for over 50 years, which may answer the question of why the sacramental wine producer still includes a Salesian rapist in a promotional documentary in 2012. San Francisco Salesian priest … Continue reading

California Salesians Escalate Accused Pedophile Presence

    The Salesians of San Francisco, who were previously disgraced by holding the record for accused, convicted and sued priests in the Bay Area and northern state, have been amping up the the presence of their infamous clan once again. The “troubled order” as writer Ron Russel described the … Continue reading

Salesian Molester Accused of Disgracing “The Blood of Christ”

San Francisco Salesian Molester “Fr. Steve Whelan ” SDB, as he is seen on the current film documentary ,“California Bountiful – Urban Legend’. The California Salesians may have set another innovative precedent, for one of their San Francisco highly profiled child abusers. Said by some observers to be a further step into the world of … Continue reading

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